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Accessible Spain Travel Brochure – 2016

by Ricardo Shimosakai
Madrid has an extensive, modern public transport system, with trains, buses and other means of transport that are wheelchair accessibleMadrid has an extensive, modern public transport system, with trains, buses and other means of transport that are wheelchair accessible
Accessible Travel Brochure - Spain 2016 includes tailor-made accessible day-tours and customized holidays, targeted to disabled travellers and people with limited mobility who visit Spain. Our tours use private wheelchair accessible vehicles and English/Spanish speaking driver/guides.
Join us for a truly unique and unforgettable experience!
Spain is a beautiful and diverse country located in the southwest of Europe. Every year millions of tourists decide travel to Spain, the country has been one of the most important tourist destinations of the last decades becoming the third most popular travel destination in Europe.”
Spain is a country of large geographical and cultural diversity, often a surprise for tourists who are expecting to find a country mostly known for beach tourism. Travel to Spain and you will find everything, from lush meadows, green valleys, hills and snowy mountains in the Northern regions to almost desert zones in the South.
Its beaches are also famous and worth visiting, small and charming creeks in the North and wide white sand beaches on the South and Western parts of the country, without forgetting the exotic black sand beaches of the volcanic Canary Islands.
One of the better known cities is Madrid, capital city of Spain. Due to its central location, in the heart of Spain it has excellent communications with the rest of the provinces and is seat to the Spanish government and to the Royal Palace where the kings of Spain usually dwell.
Download the brochure from the right-hand panel in PDF format (35 pages) Accessible Madri - Accessible Spain Travel Brochure
In this brochure we recommend you some places worth visiting. If you are planning your trip to Spain and you haven't decided yet where to go, you may find good ideas for your destination in this brochure. We made our selection of best sites in Spain and always bearing in mind ACCESSIBILITY.
Source: ENAT
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